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Emily B. Yang

In the projects shown in my portfolio, I hope to illustrate how I use design to change the world. My work spans across healthcare, misinformation and economic development.

I design for extreme accessibility. My work pushes for a better human experience and advocate for users who are often overlooked. During my time at Harvard, I have designed for disaster evacuations and post-disaster communication. This past summer, I researched and designed affordable construction practices in rural Uganda and Rwanda. In the past, I designed experiences to combat online misinformation as a product designer for Factmata (Google Digital News Initiative UK), worked on decentralized ledger technology projects in Zimbabwe and was an experience designer in the American Express Europe Innovation Lab.





Master in Design Engineering, Harvard University

User Experience Design, General Assembly

Bachelor of Science in Business Economics and a minor in Art History, New York University Stern School of Business



Fellowships & Awards


NASA Spacesuit User Interface Technologies (SUITS) Award ‘18-’19

Italia Innovation Fellow ‘19

Harvard Vatican Leadership Summit

Harvard Graduate School of Design Class Representative

Harvard School of Engineering & Applied Sciences (SEAS) Class Representative

NYU Student Volunteer Gold Award, NYU Stern

NYU International Volunteer Fellow 2012 (Lima, Peru)

Stern Class of 2013 Legacy Gift Committee Chair