I am passionate about design. And I believe that it can be used to make the world a better place. I try to contribute to my community in my own way, through leading:

design Workshops,volunteer work and teaching.

Leading Design Workshops

As a Harvard Community Service Design Fellow, I led design workshops in Rwanda, leading employees through exercises such as: user interviews, designing for user needs, storyboarding and collaborative design.


During my time at Amex Europe as a designer in the Innovation Lab, I also ran monthly design events for employee engagement and education.

I challenge attendees to use design thinking to solve challenges that they are encountering at work. For instance, during an emerging technology design workshop I encouraged attendees to draw a wireframe for a digital or virtual version of their wallet. Attendees then share and critique work. This session was usually fully booked!

Volunteering: Code Girls

I am committed to empowering young women through education and early exposure to career opportunities in technology. During my time in the UK, I hosted monthyl educational sessions about what design is, to secondary-school age girls through Code Girls, a program encouraging young girls to pursue a career in tech. 

Teaching: Intern Hackathon

At American Express Europe, I also led design sessions for incoming engineering interns where I encouraged them to explore design thinking and apply it during their time at American Express.

I started the workshop by posing a challenge:

How can we use emerging technology to change the American Express customer experience?

I lead the interns though design tools such as: an ideation session, picking an idea (lean coffee style) and drawing wireframes for a potential prototype. The day concluded with a pitch to a panel of directors and VPs.